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Water Soluble PVA Medical Packaging Laundry Bag
Water soluble environmental protection medical packaging bag is a new type of environmental protection products developed in Europe and America in recent years. The goal is to avoid contamination and cross-infection between health care workers and patients.

Over the past 30 years, the care of hospital patients has produced a large amount of infectious medical waste, and packaging used to dispose of waste often comes into contact with contaminants and is therefore likely to carry pathogens and infectious materials. If the pollutant is dissolved in the disinfection medium, it is easy to deal with, and can greatly reduce the burden of landfill and incineration, and eliminate the contamination of bacteria and infectious substances to the environment and human body. In recent years, it has been found that the water-soluble PVA environmental protection medical packaging bags have ideal wear resistance and environmental protection.

Water-soluble PVA environmental protection medical packaging laundry bag has the following advantages:

⚡ (1) Once packaged, the contents will not be exposed to the outside world during handling, cleaning and drying, and will be completely isolated.
⚡ (2) Packaging bag film completely dissolved in water, no residue, no pollution.
⚡ (3) Because of the high barrier of water-soluble medical packaging bag, it ensures that medical staff are not infected by germs and viruses in the process of handling.
⚡ (4) The water-soluble medical packaging bag has anti-static, non-toxic and complete degradation performance. A large number of experiments have proved that bacteria and viruses can not penetrate the film, which is very conducive to medical packaging.

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