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Water Soluble PVA Pesticide Environmental Protection Packaging Bag
Pesticides generally have problems such as high concentration and high toxicity, which do great harm to human body. The problem of pesticide packaging has been paid more and more attention by chemical and pesticide departments.

For a long time, pesticide packaging has three major shortcomings:

⚡ (1) Liquid pesticides are packaged in glass bottles, which have a high breakage rate;
⚡ (2) the use of ordinary pesticide packaging bags is easy to produce a large number of packaging residues, resulting in waste;
⚡ (3) Discarded pesticide bags with a large amount of residues are easy to be discarded in rivers, streams, fields, land and other places, polluting the soil and water sources. Over time, it will become an invisible killer that poisons people and pollutes the environment. According to statistics, there are about 300 million pesticide packaging wastes in China every year. These pesticide packaging waste about the loss of pesticides over 100 tons.

How to deal with the packaging waste in a timely manner has become an urgent matter in front of us.

In recent years, Japan, the United States and other advanced countries have adopted the new technology of water-soluble pesticide packaging. Its main principle is to use a new type of environment-friendly water-soluble PVA film as packaging material, the large packaging products into water-soluble film small packaging. Because of its unique properties and environmental protection, water-soluble PVA plastic film has been widely paid attention to by developed countries in the world.

Water-soluble PVA pesticide environmental protection packaging bag has the following advantages:

⚡ (1) Water solubility, water dissolution speed can be selected by design. Non-toxic and pollution-free, soluble in cold water.
⚡ (2) can greatly reduce the impact of pesticides, industrial chemicals such toxic or irritating substances on the human body and the environment.
⚡ (3) It can effectively solve the problem of increasing production and transportation costs due to heavy glass bottles, as well as the waste problem caused by the loose sealing of bottle stoppers, easy leakage and difficult recycling.
⚡ (4) Excellent oil resistance, fat resistance and organic solvent resistance.
⚡ (5) Excellent antistatic performance, packaging powder, will not absorb powder and dust.
⚡ (6) Accurate measurement, avoid the use of pesticides easy to cause excessive or insufficient dosage, resulting in enhanced resistance of pests and bacteria.

Based on the above characteristics, the water-soluble PVA pesticide environmental protection packaging bag was quickly recognized by pesticide manufacturers all over the world, and was widely applied.

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