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Current Situation Analysis and Development Strategy of Water Soluble Film Industry

Water-soluble film is a new environmental protection packaging material that can be rapidly degraded by natural factors (H2O) through special processing technology. It can rapidly denaturate, decompose and degrade into low molecular compounds through the action of natural factors (H2O), and has the effect of improving land. Therefore, it is a new kind of environmental protection packaging material.

According to hangzhou first just released the water soluble film industry present situation analysis and development strategy research report, research shows that: the modified PVA film referred to as “water soluble film, PVA film, according to the using performance and the difficulties of the production process, cost, technology and other factors subdivision low-end products: embroidery lavatory block water soluble film, packaging film, laundry bags, pet waste bags, hospital infection isolation bags, etc.; The mid-end products are divided into: pesticide packaging bag, oil packaging bag, garment packaging bag, all kinds of silica gel shaping film, etc. High – end products: surface water transfer film, etc. Pva modified water soluble membrane has been introduced into the Chinese market for nearly 20 years. Due to various restrictions, it has not been fully promoted in the Chinese market. On the contrary, some foreign countries have adopted compulsory promotion in some applications, such as American laundry bags and Brazilian pesticide inner packaging.

Water soluble films are divided into three types according to their uses: fast soluble film, medium soluble film and insoluble film.

1. Fast soluble film can be used for garment embroidery substrate, agricultural seed bag, herbicide bag, cleaning supplies packaging, chemical products packaging; Water covered film, hospital washing bags and other disposable packaging bags.

2. Soluble film can be used for wigs, food, cosmetics packaging bags.

3. Insoluble film can be used for high-grade textiles, plastic packaging bags, packaging cushion air cushion, book/paper protective film.

Because the water-soluble film products have water soluble speed can be designed to choose, non-toxic and pollution-free; Tensile strength and tension are equal to or better than traditional plastic film; High transparency, good gloss; High softness, good touch; Good oil resistance, solvent resistance, heat sealing, printing; Low permeability coefficient, good air resistance; Excellent antistatic performance, no cleaning and other characteristics, the application of products greatly improve the quality and grade of products.

Water soluble film is a new type of plastic product which has emerged in the world in recent years and belongs to plastic film manufacturing industry. As a novel green packaging material, it has water and biological degradation characteristics, can be completely degraded into CO2 and H2O, is a real high-tech environmental protection products. In Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries have been recognized by the national environmental protection department. Water soluble film has excellent transparency and gloss, not charged, the larger the tensile strength and tear strength, good oil resistance, excellent gas barrier property, thermal property and bonding, moisture permeability, as well as good demoulding and metal plating, and under certain conditions with water soluble and biodegradability, and as a kind of new packaging materials, It has a wide range of unique uses in flexible packaging.

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